Influencer Program: It’s all about player community


Influencers, such as YouTubers or other fan-based content creators play an important part in sharing information and marketing products nowadays. Many companies offering marketing or PR services have also YouTubers and other influencers on their list. But making gaming videos and sharing content is also a community thing.

The games Critical Force has generated have always relied heavily on the player community, and our current flagship game Critical Ops is not an exception. Therefore it is quite natural, that our influencer program came to be what it is now.

Where did the idea come from

About a year ago, a lot of the players that were making video content about our game, were asking us to support them and to reveal in advance some new features that are coming to our game.

We already had created successfully our Tournament Organizer program, that not only provided an easy system to organize and get your tournaments supported, but also provided a guidebook for the organizers to improve the community tournaments. We wanted to have something similar to support and boost our influencers.

What is the Influencer Program?

The program gives the influencers an opportunity to grow their channel with the support and guidance from Critical Force. Our purpose is to help our influencers to create better content, reach a larger audience and grow bigger, and by doing so get more players to join our player community.

The Influencer Program is meant for YouTubers or Twitch streamers who create Critical Ops related content with good quality. The program is not only for already successful content creators. The idea is to provide basic guidance also for people with fewer followers. As their channels grow we have various tiers of support that help to add to their growth.

“At the very basic level, we provide a starting package that has some graphical assets and a guide how to improve the channel. At later levels influencers get in-game currency, swag, early access to the new content as well as possibility to talk to us directly”, says the Head Of the Community and Esports Team, Juri Juskevits, who is also the father of the idea.

It is a good tool

Influencer marketing is really good tool nowadays.

“Paid user acquisition costs are rising all the time, while the income from the game stays pretty much the same. To stay ahead of the curve we need to find new ways to engage our current player base and market the game to the new customers”, says Juri.

Influencers also multiply our voice, when we want to share information or get a message to the player community. The variety of channels, languages and presentation styles helps in spreading the word about updates, features or events.

The information flows both ways. We also gain valuable feedback from our players, that our influencers gather and filter for us.

It’s not just advertising, it’s community work

Why are we making the effort in having content creators of our own and not just hiring people to do that, like everybody else?

Content, like videos, are more genuine when people who do that are actually interested in our games. Supporting our own community members also provides a long-term relationship with influencers, whereas a hired content creator might only do a video or two.

Our influencers are also known and respected members of the community, and role models to our players, they are not just people who make game-related content. By supporting our own community members we get more interesting content for our players that help to engage them in our game and to our player community.

Check out the video one of our influencers made last spring, after we had an influencer meeting in our headquarters in Kajaani!